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at the longshan power plant of china energy hebei branch, the team is in the final stages of constructing and optimizing a new digital model for coal blending and co-combustion. currently, china's thermal power industry is undergoing a profound transformation, with increasing demand for flexible peaking of thermal power generation units. by comprehensively considering external coal blending situations, internal equipment capacity, and releasing space for coal blending and co-combustion, it is possible to further improve energy utilization efficiency and enhance the flexibility of unit peaking regulation. the digital model for coal blending and co-combustion can predict and analyze the coal quality indicators entering the furnace in advance, thereby effectively reducing manual intervention and achieving efficiency gains through staff reduction.

to enhance the level of coal blending and co-combustion, longshan power plant is accelerating the resolution of the bottleneck of low-calorific-value coal co-combustion, establishing a coal full-process tracking and control mechanism, and conducting multiple experimental works on coal blending varieties, blending ratios, blending methods, and combustion adjustments.

through continuous technological innovation and optimization of personnel structure, the power consumption of coal conveying equipment has been reduced, saving nearly one million yuan in costs for the company each year. the plant has optimized equipment start-stop and operation methods, refined the electric structure of coal conveying equipment, and increased the proportion of electricity used during low-price periods from around 30% to 75%.

centralized control operation is the central nervous system of the power plant. in recent years, by adding automated equipment and gradually improving logical modules, the plant has increased the automatic input rate of equipment from 90% to 100%. in the control room of longshan power plant, the duty officer explained to journalists, "the number of operators monitoring two units has gradually been reduced from 6 to 4, further improving labor productivity."

entering the youth innovation workshop of longshan power plant, the domestication transformation youth task force for the p320 control system is discussing technical solutions.

the logical flow of high and medium-pressure cylinder thermal stress in the p320 control system is complex, and the operation is cumbersome, which is a tough nut to crack for the transformation. in november 2023, the power plant completed 2 rounds of new logic self-inspection, 1 round of dynamic logic test, and preparation of test cards, successfully translating the logic of high and medium-pressure cylinder thermal stress in the p320 control system into the control logic of domestic dcs.

longshan power plant adheres to innovation-driven development, continuously conducts technological innovation and management optimization, ensures stable power supply, and promotes enterprises to enter a stage of high-quality development characterized by green, intelligent, and efficient practices.