china energy’s major production and operation indicators completed beyond the planned targets in the spring festival-爱游戏(ayx)中国官方网站

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during the spring festival holiday, china energy resolutely assumed the role of the "main force" in energy supply, planning ahead, organizing meticulously, and scheduling finely. all 817 production units continued operations, ensuring stable and reliable energy supply. the coal-electricity integration across various industrial chains maintained stable and efficient operations, with major production and operation indicators all exceeding planned targets.

china energy ensured safe and orderly production in coal mines, stable transportation of externally purchased coal, and achieved a new high in integrated outbound transportation during the spring festival holiday compared to previous years. the group closely monitored coal inventories at power plants in key areas such as beijing-tianjin-hebei and northeast inner mongolia to ensure sufficient power supply for heating and electricity needs. it adhered to clean energy supply, with a nearly 15% increase in new energy generation. key supply areas, such as the northeast region, saw a year-on-year increase in electricity generation of over 20%. in response to repeated closures of huanghua port and tianjin port due to heavy fog, the group promptly adjusted diversion and port clearance measures to ensure smooth turnover, with northern ports accounting for over 40% of monthly coal shipments.

as the country braces for a new round of cold wave weather, china energy actively summarize previous experiences in energy supply assurance, refine deployment in key areas such as safety production, coal sourcing, transportation capacity assurance, and stable electricity generation. it will fully prepare for prevention and response to low-temperature rain, snow, and ice disasters. china energy will continue to strengthen the "monthly coal production of 50 million tons, monthly average electricity generation of 100 billion kwh, and daily average integrated outbound transportation volume of 1 million tons" supply brand, effectively fulfilling its role as the "ballast" and "backbone" of energy supply.