china's first molten salt energy storage technology demonstration project officially commenced construction-爱游戏(ayx)中国官方网站

author:    source: communication company   time: 2024-02-13   font:【 】

recently, china's first molten salt heat storage replacing electrochemical energy storage technology demonstration project officially started construction at the anhui company of china energy's suzhou power plant.

it is understood that this project is also currently the world's largest coal-fired unit coupled with molten salt heat storage project. the project adopts a high-temperature and low-temperature dual-tank molten salt energy storage system, using the technology of steam extraction and heating of molten salt by coal-fired units to meet the requirements of decoupling of heat and electricity generation and the flexibility of deep peak shaving operation.

according to calculations, the project can enable the top peaks of the two 350,000-kilowatt heating units at the suzhou power plant to reach the highest rated power generation load, meeting the requirements of operating for 4 hours with a steam supply rate of 220 tons per hour and continuously providing the maximum heating rate of 36 tons per hour for 9 hours. while continuously ensuring industrial steam supply, it can increase the deep peak shaving capacity to below 30% of the rated load. the highest load of the power generation unit under heating conditions can also be increased from 80% to 100% of the rated load, comprehensively enhancing the peak power generation capacity of the heating units. through technological application, this project can reduce the annual consumption of standard coal by about 60,000 tons and reduce carbon emissions by approximately 85,000 tons.