shendong shangwan coal mine's 5g case recognized at 2023 china 5g industrial internet conference-爱游戏(ayx)中国官方网站

author:    source: communication company   time: 2023-12-05   font:【 】

recently, two cases from shendong coal's shangwan coal mine, a subsidiary of china energy, were honored as "2023 china 5g industrial internet conference" annual benchmark demonstrations and typical cases of green development.

hosted by the ministry of industry and information technology, the "2023 china 5g industrial internet conference" took place in wuhan, hubei. twelve benchmark cases and sixty-two typical cases from enterprises across the country were recognized. among them, the case submitted by shangwan coal mine, titled "construction of the intelligent mine base platform based on 5g communication," was awarded the annual benchmark demonstration case, and "5g unmanned driving application for green intelligent auxiliary transportation in shangwan coal mine" was recognized as a typical case of green development.

shangwan coal mine has consistently adhered to the leadership of 5g and achieved full coverage with "5g uwb" networks. through projects such as the construction of the 5g intelligent mine base platform and the application of 5g unmanned driving, the mine has fully explored 5g applications. it has established a demonstration mine for 5g applications, continuously autonomously building an integrated control platform. this platform enables intelligent perception, decision-making, and automatic execution for various systems, including underground mining machines, safety, operations, and park management. ultimately, shangwan coal mine is progressing towards 100% intelligent construction in ten aspects, including coal cutting machines, drilling, and fixed positions.