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the 2023 world hydrogen energy young scientists forum was successfully held on december 18th in wenzhou city, zhejiang province, china. distinguished young talents in hydrogen energy from around the world gathered to focus on hydrogen energy, the world, and the future. they innovatively collaborated to discuss global trends in the forefront of hydrogen energy development, jointly addressed global hydrogen energy technology innovation topics, and engaged in dialogues to promote cooperative development. the forum aimed to facilitate cross-disciplinary integration, collaborative innovation, and widespread application of cutting-edge hydrogen energy technologies, creating a high-end international platform influencing the future development of the hydrogen energy industry.

during the special report session, young hydrogen energy scientists from dalian maritime university, china shipbuilding seventh research institute, netherlands organization for applied scientific research (tno), powercell corporation, liquefied air (china) r&d co., ltd., and ballard power systems delivered insightful speeches. these presentations contributed recommendations to promote technological innovation in hydrogen energy and support industrial development. approximately two hundred participants from government entities such as china energy, wenzhou industrial and energy development group, state power investment corporation, international organizations, energy companies, financial institutions, industry organizations, and research institutes attended the forum.

the forum also concurrently launched china's first zero-carbon innovative hydrogen energy sports competition, the "2024 new energy powerboat challenge x hydrogen powerboat league." supported by the international powerboating federation, the competition was jointly initiated by the china hydrogen alliance and the national sports industry regulatory authority. serving as a platform to showcase the deep integration of the industrial and innovation chains through sports competitions, the event aimed to promote the application of hydrogen energy technology in the maritime sector. through the collaborative creation of "hydrogen energy innovation sports competition" in academia, industry, and research, the forum sought to accelerate breakthroughs and achievements in hydrogen energy technology innovation, facilitating the rapid development of green and low-carbon production methods and lifestyles. additionally, during the forum, agreements were signed for the pingyang xiwai wind hydrogen production demonstration project between tsinghua yangtze delta research institute smart energy research center, zhejiang goldwind technology co., ltd., and wenzhou energy development co., ltd.