china's first unmanned coal handling platform in port, developed by china energy, was put into operation-爱游戏(ayx)中国官方网站

author:    source: communication company   time: 2023-11-14   font:【 】

recently, china energy's independently developed first unmanned coal handling platform for the entire coal chain in ports was put into operation at zhuhai port, marking a significant breakthrough in the group's port coal handling business. the platform has entered the stage of fully unmanned production in the entire coal handling process.

china energy's digital intelligence technology company and zhuhai port jointly addressed the pain points and challenges in traditional sampling, preparation, and testing processes. they independently developed the unmanned coal handling platform by integrating technologies such as blockchain, artificial intelligence, robotics, fuzzy control, and more. the platform comprehensively achieves unmanned operations in various stages of coal handling, including sampling, transportation, preparation, transfer, storage inspection, and testing. it standardizes, unmanned, and automates the entire process, aiming to achieve the goal of "isolation of people from coal samples and data." this fundamentally avoids human intervention, ensures the accuracy of data, effectively reduces testing costs, and significantly improves testing efficiency. simultaneously, based on the group's blockchain platform, the entire data process of coal handling is recorded, providing a highly trustworthy foundation for the full-chain services of the coal handling business.

after the completion of the platform, its advanced, innovative, and promotable features can be widely applied in the group's coal, power, and chemical industries. it reduces the testing links in coal production, transportation, sales, and storage, lowers the circulation cost of coal sales, promotes the synergy of the group's coal, electricity, and chemical integration, enhances production efficiency and effectiveness, and provides strong support for the enterprise's realization of green, low-carbon, and intelligent development.