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nice completes the first bus hydrogen refueling demonstration

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the north america r&d center of the national institute of clean-and-low-carbon energy (nice) under china energy recently completed its first bus hydrogen refueling demonstration at stark area regional transit authority (sarta) in the united states. the two sides are partnering to carry out a three-month demonstration project for field tests of the creative immersion pump-based mobile hydrogen refueling station developed by nice north america r&d center. during the demonstration period, the mobile hydrogen refueling station will provide refueling services to 10 buses and five minibuses powered with hydrogen fuel cells of sarta.

the nice north america r&d center carries out its first bus hydrogen refueling demonstration at sarta in the united states.

the nice north america r&d center will help public transportation companies using hydrogen-powered buses to achieve 100% use of renewable energy, thus promoting exponential growth of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles in the transportation industry. the demonstration project is an important landmark in nice’s efforts to integrate the hydrogen industrial chain with its partners. moreover, its creative liquid hydrogen refueling technology is expected to be applied in china on a large scale. as an emerging strategic sector for china energy, hydrogen energy has a promising prospect in future development. the technology tested by the nice north america r&d center in the united states will help china energy lead china’s massive hydrogen energy market, with focus on meeting hydrogen-refueling needs of buses, logistics forklifts and medium- and heavy-duty trucks.