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ecological management and restoration

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in 2020, china energy issued documents such as regulations on ecological and environmental protection and supervision and management measures for ecological control and soil and water conservation as guidance for ecological restoration and management. for the ecological restoration and management of the coal mine industry, it has taken targeted measures for land management in the dump sites and subsidence areas. it has strictly implemented the requirement that “land management should take place together with coal mining” for systematic restoration and comprehensive management. it has tried its best to restore the original ecological conditions by reshaping the landscape, restructuring the soil, reconstructing the vegetation and reproducing the scenery. in 2020, 32.17 square kilometers of land was restored in coal mines.

case study: shenhua guoshen group — domestic waste removal by shajihai coal mine for eco-conservation in the pastoral area

shajihai coal mine of shenhua guoshen group has signed an agreement with the local municipal public services company on the removal of domestic garbage from the mine, in an effort to build a green coal mine and protect the ecological environment.

the mine is about 70 kilometers from the nearest urban area connected by a bumpy road. the domestic garbage had been temporarily stacked in the mining area, producing a negative impact on the surrounding environment, especially in summer and autumn when local livestock would mistakenly take the garbage as food, while flies and pests would breed in the stack, which brought inconveniences to the residents in the pastoral area. to handle the garbage properly and prevent environmental pollution, the mine drew up a treatment plan and designated a special team to coordinate with the local environmental protection authority. eventually, they reached an agreement with xinjiang selshan municipal public services company on the removal of garbage, including the frequency of removal, the type of garbage, the responsibility of both parties and the settlement of fees. it’s expected that 50 tons of garbage will be removed each month, meaning that a total of 600 tons of garbage will be removed each year, which will solve the problem of timely domestic waste disposal.