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after a decade of relentless dedication and consistent expansion, china energy is unwaveringly committed to establishing itself as a paragon of global sustainable energy. we are devoted to fostering an environment of openness and mutually beneficial development, leveraging our unique strengths to their fullest extent. our team is constantly pushing the boundaries of innovation, diligently fulfilling our crucial role in ensuring a stable energy supply and spearheading the eco-friendly and green transformation. furthermore, we are deepening our international collaborations to facilitate cultural exchanges, integrate diverse cultures, and support people-to-people exchanges.

de aar phase i and de aar phase ii (north) wind power projects are operated by the longyuan south africa branch of china energy, with a total installed capacity of 244,500 kw. the longyuan de aar project was officially launched in october 2017, and both chinese and south african media have highly praised the project, hailing it as a model for energy cooperation among brics countries.

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china energy has always been committed to environmental protection during the construction and operation phases of the project. we conduct comprehensive environmental impact studies, strictly adheres to environmental standards and puts ecological restoration plans into practice. we demonstrate our commitment to sustainable development practices by actively monitoring noise levels and their impact on nearby wildlife.
china energy also actively supports projects in neighboring areas such as sports, infrastructure development, healthcare, and assistance for the elderly and disabled, deepening the friendship between china and south africa.

on august 27, 2018, a landmark moment unfolded as china and greece penned a memorandum of understanding, solidifying their cooperation in constructing the “belt and road” initiatives. greece distinguished itself as the first developed european nation to embark on this significant journey with china.
from that pivotal year forward, china energy, standing proud as the world’s preeminent wind power enterprise, has been tirelessly navigating the path of green innovation alongside the greek populace. together, we are crafting a sustainable future, filled with new energy possibilities. this collaborative venture marks the continuation of a profound narrative, a dialogue between two of the world’s most venerable civilizations, as they unite in the pursuit of progress and prosperity.

having cultivated 16 years in indonesia’s power market, china energy has successfully established three clean and efficient coal-fired power plants: south sumatra powerplant, jawa-7 power plant, and lion power plant (also called the south sumatra-1 project). these facilities constitute an energy matrix boasting a cumulative installed capacity of 3,100 mw, representing 8% of indonesia’s total coal-fired power generation capacity.